of being critical..

this week has been dramatically hectic and tiring..readings are getting longer and harder, exercises are piling up and now assignments are knocking on the door too..the longest sleep i have this week is for 5 hours and a half and migrane is paying a visit more constantly now..

nevermind that, students get that, a lot..

have you ever met someone who’s so passionate about what they’re doing..?and you learn from them that no matter how hard things get, there’s no way you should quit doing what you’re stuck with and they really inspire you..?

my lecturer gave me one of the most critical texts in linguistics from my day – 1 at school because based on her experience, if she delayed getting on the critical part of the course, students will need more time to cope with the course requirements and that will ruin the year’s planner and results..so she gave us that rocket science reading and on our first tutorial, we went like “well are you sure you’re teaching linguistics and not some science subjects..?” well apparently, and unfortunately, yes she was the right lecturer for us..

so currently we are working on a critical assignment and with critical assignment, we’re expected to question everything with why and how..and FIND all the answers to the whys and hows..the readings can be crazily critical and by critical i mean, they may want to say the whiteboard is automatic but they went all around telling where they first find a white paint and who created the electronic devices to make it automatic and some factory refused for it to be just automatic that it has to be digitalized too..*wow, i’m just soo good in giving analogies am i..?* LOL alright you can kill me for that..but that’s what they do – they are trained NOT to tell it straight on the first sentence..and for you to be a successful linguist, you MUST be able to do this..saying about something without explicitly mentioning what you intend to say..how FUN!

so most of us are on the verge of giving up..trying our best to ask her to give us something easier for the head to comprehend..but instead of giving us the soup for lunch, she gives us seeds to plant so we can make lunch out of the veges..got what i mean..?she didn’t even give us the veges to cook, she wants us to plant our veges first! T_T for us to be a linguist we can’t skip all these heavy readings and if we don’t do it now, we’d do it at some point later on..she totally removes us from our comfort zone and really gets our brain into some extra shift of works..

she’s pushing us onto the level that will make us suffer to reach but ideally, that’s where we should be anyway..she does not make it easy for us but she’s there as our backbone making sure we’d not give up and not only do this for the sake of the assignment or passing this course to get an MA..but she’s there to make sure we push ourselves enough to be the best we can be..

she is sooooo criticalized by her works but she’s such a genius and her enthusiasm always amazes us..i wonder how a person could have so much passion built in them..

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