of the sales person..

I had a four-hour gap between classes this afternoon so i decided to go home to have some lunch and looked through the reading and the essays that i have to do tonight..while i was turning on the computer somebody knocked on my door..so i opened the door..i saw a young white man holding a big bag filled with clothes and stuff, looked sloppy to my eyes, with a green shabby cap..he didn’t have the two lower-front teeth 😦

he : hey hi..how are you..
me : hi i’m good thanks..
he : hey would you like to buy some sports clothing here..?i have some nike t-shirts, gloves, etc etc..*while trying to show some of the things he brought with him*
me : oh, i’m sorry but i don’t think i’m needing those..*putting on my sorry face*
he : oh don’t worry about that..not everyone will need all these..it can’t fit everyone anyway..it’s alright, thank you for your time then..have a good evening..cheers! *he packed up and knocked on my neighbour’s door*

i don’t know if it’s his “unwell” appearance or his politeness that made me die a little upon refusing to buy the goods he’s selling..there were three blocks here at my place and as i was going out to the next class, i saw him walking into the other block to sell his stuff..

he actually knocked on each door on all 27 levels and on each building there were at least 130 rooms..imagine he knocked on all 390 rooms..even after 119 rooms before he came on my door, *i am 120* he could still be polite to his potential customer..he ought to have a very strong motivation for doing what he’s doing..or else he might have looked rude/tired after 3 or 4 floors..

he’s polite to me in a sense that, he didn’t make me feel guilty for not buying his goods..in fact, he convinced me that it’s totally fine for me to reject his offers by saying something as convincing as “it can’t fit everyone anyway”..

dear that guy who’s selling the clothes, i pray you’d be able to sell all of your stuff and i wish you well..whatever your motivation was, i wish you all the best..

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