when you have to choose..

a few weeks ago, i was in the middle of a conflicting dilemma – i was enrolled into both Linguistics & English Language Teaching courses for my MA..when initially, i just wanted to do Linguistics and concentrate on Sociolinguistics..let’s just say, i couldn’t really choose what i liked to do especially when the study period was restricted to only two semesters..so to my disappointment, i couldn’t do Sociolinguistics either – that if i insisted on doing, i won’t have enough day time and night time to fulfill all of the course requirements..

i was about to sign the form to change the course..so instead of doing both Linguistics & ELT, i’d just do Linguistics hence i would have enough time to take up Sociolinguistics..and bid adieu to ELT..but my gut sort of like told me “wait up there young lady..take the form home and think about it AGAIN”..

so i observed the Sociolinguistics class, attended the ELT class at the same time and while walking to the med school this morning, (yes for some technical reasons i had my class at the med school) i kinda made up my mind..that taking ELT would really benefit me in the long run..

what i learned from ELT would be beneficial for me not only as a language teacher but also as a parent..i mean with ELT you’d learn the different phases of learning-sensitive periods, the kind of needs a child would need to develop language learning skills, the psychological aspects of learning and how to be a better teacher which in turn, would help you be a better parent..well, you’d learn A LOT more!

for example, if your child is born with a brain damage, that the left side of the brain (which functions to aid language learning) is less likely to function like a normal brain, could they still learn language..?would they be able to listen/talk/understand you..?or if your child is a genius, what are the sort of resources could be given to further develop that ability..or things as simple as knowing when to talk about sex, alcohol and world economics with your child..

so yea, it’s a huge loss if i drop this course..so now i’m on a solid ground, believing the decision i made for taking both Linguistics & ELT and having to drop Sociolinguistics really is not as bad as i think..i’ve been attending the lectures and most of the lectures are just like revisions to me..so Godwillingly, this would be the best decision arranged for me..

so to my future kids, i could say that you’re part of the reasons why i take up this course 🙂


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