the world as they see it..

it’s not a crime for being super rich..but it amuses me that some rich people belief that by drinking too much tap water, it will make you lose your hair..and that when they find out you boil your water and NOT buying packs and packs of mineral water, they make super-surprise remarks like “really, you boiled your water and let it cools down..?!”

when you ask “so do you not use your kettle..?how do you make coffee then..” and they’d reply “oh, i bought that coffee maker especially designed by such and such”..

so we talk about the winter plan..it lead into something more personal like our love lives..they passionately convince you that long distance relationship will not work..they fly from sydney to jakarta over the weekend just to attend their partner’s graduation ceremony yet it still can’t seem to work..

oh, and they ask their chinese friend as that chinese friend walk to the kitchen..”give me something to drink..” that chinese in turn ask “you sure you want to drink..?come on, she’s a muslim, you’re a muslim, show some respect to her even if you do drink..” and so i find an excuse to excuse myself..

and we talk about faith and belief..you really don’t want to assume that being rich is the reason for them to go astray..but they admit it to you “hey i have to do all those..my friends all do them..you can’t be hanging at a bar and not drink do you..your family’s friend hosts a dinner and they serve wine, why should you refuse..?and anything officials that we have to attend, we’d be served with pork and alcohols..you just can’t avoid it..seriously you should try pork..”

world these days..

4 thoughts on “the world as they see it..

  1. Are they your Indonesian friends? Stay strong there, be stronger.. Look out for more friends.. 🙂

      1. Because Hang Jebat is cooler than Hang Tuah.. :p

        Eh salah, sbb I’m getting married at Stadium Hang Jebat. Hahaha 😀

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