of the generation gap..

how do i start..but this is gonna be long..

let’s just say most of my friends on facebook are teachers as some twist and turn of fate make me have friends who are teachers in nature..most of them are the new generation of teachers – teaching for three years or less..and that makes them teach the generation who are native to technology..

and let’s just say, our social networking systems that have been occupying most of our times now are also accessible to the generation of students they are teaching..and to some teachers, they allow their students to befriend them on facebook..some teachers would create a second account just so they can keep their personal life stories under their nose and the students at bay from those information..

anyway, i guess it’s a huge pain to some of my friends now..that they are seeing the status updates of their students and what they’re seeing are very much puppy-love-related..and most of them have been expressing annoyances and dislikes and some even put up a status to comment on the students’ “wrong” activities..

let’s look at it this way teachers..they are the generations who have more exposures to media compared to what we used to have..be it internet, satellite television, social networking sites, books, magazines and the list can be never ending..they receive more western influences as they grow up compared to our times..they grow up in an environment where financial state of the country is very much improved..my conclusion to this, at their age, they know more than what we used to know..they are more financially-abled..they develop more quickly than us be it physically, psychologically & biologically..they have more needs & desires compared to us at their age..

they have crush(es), they think they are in love, they’re busy building their identities and mostly concern on how their friends perceive them..don’t lie and say you never once had a HUGE crush back in school..i had a crush even when i was in primary school..i even remembered a boy who kissed me back in kindy..i’m not making a generalization from my one and very remote example here, it’s just you’re not admitting you had a crush and experienced puppy love..

before we had the luxury of bringing cellphones to school, we received/gave love letters did we not..?we saw the seniors dated at the school canteen or at some very hidden spots in the library did we not..?so yes, this is not new, not something that we don’t know and not something we are not aware of..

the difference is now they have effective means of expressing their thoughts..if we have facebook back then, and we have smart phones that we could bring to school, do you think we’d refrain ourselves from doing what they are doing..?really..?

and teachers, if you haven’t noticed yet, they’re the generations who are more outspoken and have a very positive self esteem..they’re never afraid in voicing what they want..of course when it comes to in-class activities some would choose to be passive students but look at them after school..they’re in their most genuine beings – outspoken and confident in their own ways at least within their comfortable group of friends..

so yes, given facebook, smartphones, other genius gadgets and the generation attributes, you read what’s on your timeline..their photos that you don’t want to see too..yes, they’re all made public on their facebook..

isn’t he cool as..?haha..

i’ve a student on twitter who’d tweet something like “i’m jealous when you’re with him” or “home is not homey when you’re not on my sight” or “don’t you know that i love you more than anyone else..?” and he mentions that girl specifically since she’s also on twitter..

oh, i had a student who asked me if i’ve already had a boyfriend and further said he’d want to be my boyfriend if he’s my age..he said it with confidence like he’s already a person of my age when he’s just 11..and another student of mine would purposely bring his chair next to me each time i conducted a one-to-one tutoring period..i’d be tutoring one student for 10 minutes and let say i tutored 8 students throughout that period, he’d stick with me even after the 8th student finished their tutoring with me..and he’d text me good night every night without fail..he’d come and help me with my things each time before class and walked me out the classroom each time i ended the class..and he’s 14..courageous were they not..?

i’m not saying what they do are alright and i’m not saying what you complain on facebook are wrong..let’s just say, try to understand their situations and needs, then do something that could be effective both in helping them with their studies as well as shaping them to be a mature and responsible person..

expressing your “meluat aku tengok budak budak zaman sekarang..seluar dalam pun mak belikan, ada hati nak bercinta time sekolah” won’t change anything..educate them to be more responsible with what they say, with that they do, with what they express..justify things with them so they know that it’s not something forbidden for them, it’s just not their time yet..justifying could be tricky because you’d appear as nagging to them and heck no, you yourself as a student hates it when teachers nag to you..be the adult, be the educator..do something that would make them understand their priorities..make activities so they can see the wider picture of the world that they have a long journey to make before committing their hearts..

they’re capable of doing A LOT of things we can’t even think of when we are at their age..but with that too, they’re capable of understanding things more easily as they mature much earlier these days..they’d understand if you make them understand..

even if you’re not teachers, start thinking to do something about this because in the near future, your kids would be one of those who would write such things on facebook..and other adults would criticize what they see..

yes we were at that age, we knew how it felt, we knew too it won’t work..but being 15 then is not the same as being 15 NOW..and they need to experience what we’ve experienced to grow up and make mistakes and be wise..it’s a cycle, you can’t stop it but you can contribute to a healthy change..

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