of the medical support..

it’s been two weeks, may be more, since i last posted anything i mean..but there’s just so many changes taking place on wordpress..ah well~ i’m liking them nonetheless..the annual snow is falling on the blog, so don’t miss it 🙂

i have been busy..hugely from the essays and research and readings and tests as part of being a postgraduate..other than that, i’ve been giving frequent visits to the hospitals for just so many reasons..blood were drawn, test were undertaken..but alhamdulillah, despite all those, i managed to survive..

one thing i learn, no matter where i go on this earth, i have to agree Malaysia has the best medical support system anyone could ever have..i mean, of course the service have loops here and there but in terms of accessibility, Malaysian hospitals are one of the bests..but i do have to agree..that’s why Malaysian doctors are overworked too..

as a result, let’s just say i shed 4 kgs out, my anemia is getting worse, i developed a stomach ulcer and the eczema is coming out more frequently now..i don’t really feel how these workloads have been eating me but my biology is instantly affected..with the big day coming up really soon, i do hope it will at least give my biology those happy hormones to help her cure herself..

it’s just so overwhelmingly unbearable at times..seriously if i were to get pregnant while i’m studying, i might end up miscarrying that baby..poor beautiful soul..but whatever comes after this..i just hope i can be strong and finish this MA and graduate..ameen~

yea, i wish with a homier home after this, that could kick out the stress to the drain! well at least, there's another shoulder to help carry the luggage yes..?hahah i think i'm scaring him..
yea, i wish with a homier home after this, that could kick out the stress to the drain! well at least, there’s another shoulder to help carry the luggage yes..?hahah i think i’m scaring him..

2 thoughts on “of the medical support..

  1. yuyu sebut psl getting pregnant wehhhhh

    on a more serious note,
    developing stomach ulcer is a really bad sign yu
    better go and get some medication
    and please don’t skip meals.
    ulcers are no joke ok.
    i have an uncle who passed away due to stomach ulcer (apekejadah cte bnde ni. perlukah ak menambah stress ko? hahahaha)
    my point is, don’t pverthink stuff too much that will lead to stress, eat well and try to get enough sleep (keypoint: efficient time management)
    however busy you are, make room and time for yourself
    work are neverending
    but you only have one life and one body
    so please take care of your body (said this obese friend of yours :P)

    don’t worry too much yu
    as the overused phrase goes, “keep calm and carry on”
    pray hard, InsyaAllah God will help to ease your burden

    you will get that MA!!!! and you will get that without getting sick!!!

    1. cik sha,
      kau sentiasa menjadi seorang sha yg sgt caring..
      i’Allah..ameen~ semoga aku dpt MA tanpa sakit2..
      everything is settled now cik sha..
      sorry about ur loss,
      and i do pray semoga ayah cik sha ditempatkan dalam golongan org2 beriman..
      and cik sha,
      aku sangat berharap dpt jumpa kau masa wedding aku haritu..
      tapi aku faham..
      semoga tabah cik sha..
      aku sayang kau..kau kuat..
      take good care there too..ok..

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