of that expensive decision..

there are just too many reasons to be grateful about..alhamdulillah, i passed the assessment i went to at PTD assessment center a couple of months ago..and i have to get ready for the interview, scheduled to be attended on the 23rd of january..

when i applied for this post, i was waiting for my teaching post which at that time, the wait seemed never ending..everyone around me was making a lot of noises asking me to find a temporary job which i also did, and which i did not get any either..only after a few months that everything came together at one time..i got my teaching post, the MA application was approved and i was called to the assessment center..

several decisions was made and poof! i’m here doing my MA and i just purchased my ticket to go back to Malaysia to attend the PTD interview..

that was a lot of money spent, considering the chances of passing the interview as well as making myself available for the PTD cadet training..which was slim, as i still have a semester to finish my studies..

if it is up to me, i already made a different arrangement with dear husband..something like finishing my MA here, continue working in a foreign land for a year, and let husband work in some international banking institutes for a year or so..i started off with working quite a bit later in life hence there’s an urge for me to earn as much as i can, to compensate the years i spent in the education line..husband too is planning to work on our savings for future plans..

the thing is, i can’t not go for the interview..there’s a huge familial matter involve..gosh..i really don’t want to break anyone’s heart especially when they’re family to you 😦 ah well..i’ll just do what they wish for me to do..passing or not, really God will help me lead the life He wants me to..


2 thoughts on “of that expensive decision..

    1. thank you poms, but i guess i screwed it! lol! it’s a long story..poms, aku dah boleh dicontact thru whatsapp..cuba kau add aku guna number msia..0177606919

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