of showing one’s appreciation..

i always dream to be born not as the first born and that i have a big brother..and i always want him to tell me that he’s proud of me whenever situations allow him to say that..when i look back, i don’t live in a family where appreciations are valued highly and i wasn’t taught to appreciate enough, that i think it’s awkward to praise my younger brother/friends whenever they’ve done something significant which could lead them into having a better sense of selves..

yea, until destiny brought me to different places and societies..that’s when i learned showing a kind and sincere appreciation would not only change what people thought of themselves, it also made you a grateful person – you’d realise each one of them had something valuable to contribute and collectively, they also shaped your life in one way or another..

so if i were to have a family, i will teach them to show their appreciations when they mean them and as parents too, i’d like to see what my kids would turn into if i’m not stingy with my appreciations/encouragements..


2 thoughts on “of showing one’s appreciation..

  1. On the flip side, some people naturally shy away from showing appreciations because they themselves feel little need for such gestures.

    But I guess that’s where they need to learn to look beyond themselves and adapt.

    1. i shy away too..because i think it’s just so awkward..sometimes it’s easier to say it to ur friends than to ur family..but i think it’s never too late to change..and yes too, we need such gestures because it’s hardly given to us..

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