of his perfume..

i just found myself spraying some of jack’s perfume in my wardrobe, on my pillow and on my duvet..it’s just amusing how all these – that looks so surreal to me – eventually makes me fall deeper into its wonders..

i used to not feel anything toward the distance that has been separating me from my then boyfriend..but just the other day when he sent me off to the airport, i cried a river thinking that i’ll be by myself at the place where he used to stick around for less than a month..just thinking about it, yes, i cried..and as i arrived home, poof! i really thought my world just crumbled..trust me it’s true and i wasn’t trying to be dramatic..hahah..

i really think things just happen so fast that i don’t think i’ve even properly digested everything inside my head..suddenly we’re making travel plans, pilgrimage plans, building a home, making savings yadda yadda yadda..they’re both exciting and thrilling and if this is a dream, please don’t wake me up from it..

studies are keeping me busy and occupied and indifferent sometimes..and may be i’m still in denial that i’m now off the market..and if i haven’t thanked you enough, dear husband who’s proudly changed my status into a mrs now, thank you for this wonderful phase of life 🙂

p/s i’d use ms anyway 😛


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