of a flash mob..

i was planning to share it yesterday but i just had to finish an assignment so yea, i’m sharing it now! 🙂

my friend lives in sheffield and she encounters this on her way back to leeds..it’s very entertaining, and what i like the most about this mob is, it is not made by the younger generations..i mean, have you seen the james bond flash mob..?they’re all fairly young, and the energy is kinda expected..but seeing these uncles and aunties spending some time to cheer up the people at the station, really warm my heart..

i used to be in a choir team and i know exactly the amount of commitment needed to make a successful performance..and all hail to the purple cats, they nail it! congratulations on this mob..

and i wonder too..why wouldn’t this be a culture of mine too..?i mean, my mom would stare at me as if i’ve sinned hugely if i ever suggest this to her..haha..but this is cool..when i’m old, when my kids have all gone to school, and there’s just me and jack at home, trying to think we’re still young at heart, i’d drag him to join things like this..hahah..enjoy it!