of the ingredients..

i got bored with my own cookings..i mean, there were not much to cook given the limited availabilities of a lot of asian ingredients..not to mention their sparkling price tags too..but anyway, with some effort, i managed to buy some asian groceries that did not tear my pocket..

1) red spinach = £2
2) red sweet potato = 3 pcs for £0.36

3) lemon grass = 10 pcs for £1

4) lady’s fingers = 10 pcs for £0.63

the trick was to go to the market, not the supermarket..i even bought 4 boxes of strawberries for £2 when they’re £2 each in the supermarket..and oh, i’ve got a whole fish, sea bream for £2 and a royal snapper for £3.50..fresh, not frozen..the mackerels were even much cheaper..

but i couldn’t find both ginger flower and vietnamese mint for my asam pedas..i guess i have to purchase that herbal plant online..for vietnamese mint i mean..how frustrating..i can do a lot with ginger flower and vietnamese mint..i can make laksa and nasi kerabu! ohh~ i miss hometown food T_T