of that interview i went to..

so the long awaited news has been announced..no, i’m not talking about the date of the general election..i’m talking about the result of the interview i went to after going back for the wedding..

i went to the ptd interview last january and it was such a dramatic interview..i only read the letter the night i arrived and that was the time that i found out i did not have any of the documents required with me..trust me, i almost gave up myself and said “this is such a wrong step taken”..i almost bailed the interview because i could not bring any copies of my certificates to the interview..

but i managed to print out some copies from my emails but still, they were not sufficient..i did not even bring my ic upon coming back to malaysia..it’s embarrassing to even tell the interviewer that i did not have any of the documents..

but i did sent out the required documents by fax with the help of mr boyfriend..after the interview i mean..thank you boyfriend! if it’s not because of you, this might not be a successful story..*hugs*

anyway, yea..it turned out to be successful, alhamdulillah..however, i’ll not consider this to be a successful story yet because there are some huge things that i have to deal with if i want to take this offer..Godwillingly, He will guide me into choosing what’s best for me and my little family i now have..ameen~ hopefully this will be the start to a much brighter future..Godwillingly..