post-mortem: of that general election..

i rarely have time for this blog lately..assignments are piling up, distractions are everywhere..i wonder where i left my dedication to this genre at..

a lot have been happening lately..husband is here with me now, bringing colors into my kitchen and lounge..dissertation is also on the line, waiting to be researched and written carefully..and two final assignments are waiting to be completed..

and not to forget, i’ve been traveling too, to a few places to get my head cleared..it’s been fun now that i travel with my life-time travel-mate whom i can bother with my bags and cameras, and my annoying and impulsive cravings for random food..

anyway, i’ve been inspired by several travel blogs and i think i would love to try making this blog into a travel blog..but i do have the tendencies to write beyond what a travel blog should contain..hahah..alright, we’ll see how i do, alright..

as for now, i’ll do some editing with my photos, and may be reflect on the result of the recent general election back in malaysia..?

well if you ask me a few years back i sure have no interest in politics but my involvement in linguistics has driven me to at least, observe on the patterns of political scenes and occurrences..what i can conclude from the campaigning processes up until the wrap up count of the votes last night, i can at least list down 3 critical observations..

1) campaigning by the national party are cowardly done because they hinder the opposition party from using the mainstream media..referring to the literal meaning of democracy, do you think this is how a clever and dignified campaigning should be..?

2) supporters from both parties have been showing endless support and to some extent, too much support that they jeopardize their humanity and intellect by cursing each other, harming each other and threatening one another..leaders shout wholeheartedly while campaigning as if if they don’t shout, the message cannot be conveyed, the voting spirit will not be triggered..dear malaysians, do you really think these are “what it takes” to win an election..?and really, do you think winning the election is the sole aim of all these campaigns..?

3) result wise, i can see that more malaysian chinese are voicing their presence by voting for DAP for their personal gains..however, the majority of malays are still scared to vote for PAS believing the nation will fall ill under PR’s governance without cleverly seeing how ill the country is now with the current governance..my fellow malays, educate yourself, use whatever means of media to educate yourself before getting scared unreasonably..

be clever malaysians..and congratulations BN..

i’ll see you in the next post..this might be one of the many obligatory post-election posts..

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