yes i’ve an essay to write..

hence having the luxury of having so much time to waste 😦

it’s been ages since i last wrote and no, i don’t think i can keep up with writing travel-related posts..somehow it gives me much of a writer’s blog than knowing i can freely write almost anything that i want..so yea, why should i restrict myself to writing travel posts only when i don’t really have to, right..?hahah..oh God..i wonder where my self discipline has gone to..

anyway, ramadan is here again and praises to the almighty God, He wills me to observe this holy month once again and even better, God gives me a man i could call the husband, who in return, willingly spends his time and presence with me to go through the routines in ramadan together..it’s such a wonderful feeling altogether that now my taraweeh is led by my husband and that feeling when i get to say ameen to his every prayer for US, is just completely beyond overwhelming..

we’re still very new in this but Godwillingly, we’ll seek for His guidance in keeping us together in harmony and melody 🙂

anyway, a friend’s facebook status actually gives me a serious nudge so i can reflect on my practices as a muslim..i mean, so all these while when we overspent, or overate, or being too happy with our lives and forgetting that the happiness is from him, we could put all the blame on the devils..but now that they are tied in hell, who should we blame when we overspend our money, waste our PRECIOUS time, delaying our prayers or spend our time in cafes or restaurants while everyone else is performing taraweh in a mosque just a stone throw away from us..you see, the devils don’t even have to try to seduce us..we’ve fallen deep into their trap that they don’t have to worry about not doing their duty during ramadan..it’s just so sad knowing that we are their proof of success – that their hard works are very well paid off..

forgive us, the Almighty..let’s use this ramadan to mend and fix our screwed selves..Godwillingly..