of the super random update..

aha..don’t be fooled..it’s not gonna be something like “thank god it’s friday!” or “weekend is here!”..naa~ nope, no oh oh..it’s been a while since i started to have classes on saturdays and therefore, my weekends start only when it’s really on the weekend..

it’s funny how i now have to crack my head for things i never imagine i would be doing..like suddenly i have to analyse the issues that klia2 is now experiencing..well of course, it’s a matter of asking the right person for the right information, and some ‘religious readings’ on some weird, foreign journals over that matter..as long as there are statistics, some sound logical and practical suggestions, i’ll be getting close to being accepted..and with some specific idea in trying to critically address the issue, bingo! i’m getting even closer to it..

however, here’s the thing..there’ll be no one at least within the vicinity of the lecture hall who is credible enough to at least say that “hey mate, that’s not really how airport works” or “yea~ but that’s not really true”..well may be a couple of them could..but that’s not the point..the point is, tomorrow, or many more days before and after this, all of us will be discussing matters that suddenly we’re an expert of..clarifications are mostly based on our logic, knowledge are discussed on the surface level with general statements and comprehensions are mostly based on personal ideas..learning is NOT anything near optimum..

the education process is there, but it is NOT entirely educating..

and because of that, people get their hands on their phones and tablets..and the rest are stories of everyone..