the way i see it

call me, hi! i’m Yuyu..

there are just so much that words can do and that’s why i’m writing πŸ™‚

i like to see beautiful things..and people..and i can’t stop admiring the ‘beauty’ in God’s creations..owh, i mean beautiful, i don’t do ‘cute’ :p

i’m an outdoor i do sports & i do a lot of hangouts too..

i don’t really read books, but i really watch a lot of movies..i ship myself to a totally different world when i watch movies..

i keep pets & i never live without one..

i see music as the melody of life, thus i start my day with it..

traveling gives me a broader picture of life, but as broad as the picture is, that is how much i need to learn to live my life and God willingly, to help others live their lives..

though miss tum tum is quite sensitive with food intakes, miss tum tum never upsets any food as her guest πŸ™‚

and yeah, has been my field of interest currently..wish i could do well..

so there goes what my heart wants to say..

p/s: you know there’s high notes and low notes, slow & fast tempi in music sheet..?they are pretty random in terms of their composition..that’s as symbolic as my life that’s why sometimes i write something loud in my post, because i’m trying to hit the higher notes..or throwing tantrum over dramatic background stories, because i’m trying to catch up with the beat of the tempi.. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “the way i see it

  1. my my yuyu
    oh no
    she loves to write?
    so badly true
    tu pasal kalo bab essay sambung ayat tu
    she would came out with an outstanding stories
    aq paling tak le bla
    essay yang pasal budak tu yang bapak dia womanizer
    at d end
    dia kena rape ngan bapak dia
    ko memang
    tak seswai dgn umo

    1. cm siot..weh abkn aku la sape2 yg dok smbong2 cite tu eh..?yg rogol2 ni komfem bdk laki yg siot aku yg dpt name..aku sumpah ko jd penyangkot baju kang..

  2. I came across your blog and I simply love the title, so simple but beautiful it says a lot. I look forward to browsing throught it πŸ™‚

    1. thank you, it’s a song title and i really think it’s suitable for this blog too πŸ™‚ thank you for visiting..

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