after the school visit

it was weeks ago since i last posted anything in this blog..i was so busy with my assignments..many things happened and i couldn’t really recall what they were..but we’ll see what i can remember..=)

owh~i was so upside-down when my tutor rejected my explanation essay and said it was a narrative essay and not really an explanation essay and that i have to do a new piece the next week and i have to submit it without doing any review..and as a result, i ended up getting a B-..about WRIT 101, it’s not really what i wanted to do and it disappoints me in some way..i wanted to do a writing subject that focuses on creative writing like doing a novel, media article or or even newspaper report..hu~but what i’m doing now is not anything like it..i’m doing an academic writing course..*sigh*..what have i done to my course..and another problem is, har~~~it’s my tutor..she’s quite old, but she’s very knowledgeable..and i like her for that quality..but she’s very stingy when it comes to marking..some of my tutorial mates were complaining that she barely has any mistakes but she couldn’t get an A..em..i’m not the only 1 having the bad luck of having her as my tutor..haha..

owh..i went to Kilbirnie mosque last sunday..it was islam awareness week last week and since i didn’t participate in any event, i made an effort to at least, go to that mosque..if i don’t support the activities, then who else..so i went to the mosque with my roommates..we got on a bus with group day tripper ticket..em..without knowing where to stop..haha..but i thought i have a vague idea where we can stop but unfortunately, we thought it was not that way..so we stopped near the supermarket we usually go to buy groceries..and we walked until we met another malaysian who showed us the way to the mosque..haha..so finally, we smelled the aroma of good eastern food..there were some pakistanis, somalians, indonesians, and moroccan i guess..they sell foods from their country..i had some of every food anyway..haha..there was face painting..some exhibition and demonstration..it was fun anyway..

from the mosque, we went to a malaysian fine restaurant here..it was a lunch treat by 1 of my friends here..and believe it or not..the owner was so into her conversation and we were stuck in th restaurant for hours..for God’s sake..she didnt want to stop talking and telling stories which is so not our cup of tea..she was telling all the elite stories of her life which we were not interested in..mak cik, you should know better that we were so not in the same boat..you were rowing golden boat but we barely have any..she told us how it feels like when you were living as the royalties..and even worse, she wanted to do business with us..hello~ *tho we can make pretty much a lot of money from that but no, thanx* we just want to live a normal life..the elite life didn’t fancy us so much..thank you so much aunty..your food aren’t so fine anyway..

after lunch..i rushed to the nearest bus station to go up at university area because some of my friends and i needed to survey a house for us for next year..we checked the house and unfortunately, we were not interested..so we waited for some other replies from the landlord..

gosh..it was a busy week last week..i was finishing EDUC assignments and WRIT..and submitted LALS..i love linguistics i might say..at this stage, i’m studying language acquisition – on how a baby starts to hear some weird sounds..try to identify and understand the words..and unpack adult’s conversation..and ironically, at a very young age, they understand more than what they can say..haha..how unique..not to mention how hearing babies pick up signing earlier than spoken language..

p.s i kinda like the signer in my LALS class..he’s adorable~!!!

har~i need 2 go for practice now..i’ll be dancing chinese dance during asian festival..=)