Thinking of Things to Write

In all seriousness, I have forgotten how this blog works. It took me quite a while to figure out, where that “add new post” tab is. This might have been the longest since I last wrote. It’s been bugging me so bad that after just a couple of years, I have lost the eloquence.

It must be the lack of reading, or too much news reading that I have lost touch on how to write as a human with a soul. Seriously, I haven’t been maximizing my brain capacity either that I’m now able to write like a genius on global issues. God, I really need to start reading again!

And I just couldn’t believe that those social media apps are now taking place in place of this poor blog. Who reads blog these days, yes?

This then, shall remain as my collection of words, for my own reference, and those who have time to.

One thought on “Thinking of Things to Write

  1. Yes. Less time scrolling IG & FB at home and read more. 😛 For a start, you’re cordially invited to write the details of our upcoming trip in our blog!

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