i found men are sexy when..

1) they cook! *even sexier when they read the cook book and try to get all the measurements right*

2) they try to read the instructions on washers – to make sure they don’t put softener in the detergent dispenser..

3) the play guitar with their left hand! :p

4) they stop the elevator’s door to let you in..

5) they appear out of nowhere and help you grab the stuff from the high shelves.. 🙂


it’s that place! it’s here!

so i’m back in Wellington again, after having the scariest flight ever..i really thought i would’ve died from that flight..i couldn’t even sleep during that 10 hour journey and was too sick to swallow the food given..i was so grateful that we landed safely..some twist and turn were added into the journey (that’s not worth mentioning here) but yeah, all was well, alhamdulillah.. 🙂

so on my back yesterday i saw the huge Queen Mary 2, parked just behind the westpac stadium and the length of the cruiser was as long as the westpac stadium itself..and yes, it’s even taller than the westpac stadium..such a beautiful scene to see from the air..

and the summer breeze is the same along the evans bay and oriental bay..it’s getting chiller as fall is fast approaching..and there’s something new in town..there’s a couple of new shops in front of the railway station..that mc donalds looks fresh and welcoming :p

p.s seriously a lot of things have changed jack..do come and visit this place while i’m still here~! 🙂

i’ve got my schedule sorted out but i’m still thinking of changing my Foundations for Educational Studies 101 into either |PUBL 113 – Social & Public Policy; Value and Change| or |HIST 118 – Making Europe Modern Citizens, States & Nations| or |EURO 101 – Introduction to European Studies| and i’m not considering |LING 224 – Interpersonal communication| because i would’ve classes on Fridays and the lecturers are not my favourites..but the course description is so interesting..ah well, help me make up my mind people..linguistics has always been my cup of tea but this’s the last time i could ever do something beyond what i’ve been studying..

and what now..?think i need to do some groceries shopping..God! my arms and shoulders are still sore from the travel..i’d just get something light to carry home..just for now..

and, hello university! 🙂


all my bags are packed..

Destination : Auckland

Flight : Malaysia Airlines MH 0131

Aircraft : Boeing 777-200

Depart : Friday, 25 Feb, 21:35

Arrive : Saturday, 26 Feb, 12:50

i hate it when school breaks end..hello new zealand, we meet again..please be kind to me..

wish me a safe journey..

i’m soooooooooooo gonna miss malaysia..


physically absence and it’s consequences..

it’s easier if we can be physically presence to talk things over..and it’ll be easier too if we can accept our mistakes and not put the blame on something else..we’re still learning and i hope we won’t give up so easily..we’re good if we have each other’s support..it’s fine for you to get mad but i wish you don’t stop at just getting mad..i wish you could learn..and please understand it’s not wrong too for me to get offended..


collecting a jar of hearts..

here’s a thing that you have to consider when you plan to marry a doctor – they’re a group of people who have up to uncountable-hour of shifts to complete and you can’t expect them to be there when you’re back at home from work..so if you so wish to have a dinner date to celebrate your anniversary or birthday and what not, please notify them at least 2 weeks in advance..and do repeat the plan to them like everyday..and yes, surprises might not work..sorry..

so one of my friend was married to a doctor..and being the last kid in the family, he grew up to be a very spoiled child..he got things done for him, he got what he wanted there and then and he didn’t have to wait to get his wishes fulfilled..but things changed since he got married and his wife happened to be a doctor..

his wife has just graduated from med school and imagine the number of hours she has to spend in the hospital as a freshie..of course she wouldn’t have enough time to spend with his husband and let alone doing the house chores! and sadly  to say, my friend is a lecturer in one of the new universities and he’s a fix office hour and he usually gets back to home before 6pm..

so what happens now is, the husband has been complaining to his mother that his wife has been so busy with her works that she neglects her responsibility to the husband and her family..the husband is complaining on things like having to do the laundry, cleaning up the house, cooking sometimes, paying the bills etc etc..

so that was the situation..but looking at the situation from my point of view, i think the husband seriously has no reason to complain..he knew he’s marrying a doctor, a freshly graduated doctor in fact..so he should be ready with the fact that he has to bear with the consequences of having a doctor as a wife, even from day one..and the consequences include all the things that he has to do..

i mean, let’s reverse the situation..the wife is the lecturer and the husband is the doctor..the husband will have a very fluid but tight schedule and the wife will have that fixed office hour..and of course the wife will do all of the house chores and no, the wife will not complain that she has to do the chores..she’ll prepare the meal, clean up the house, do the laundry, pay all the bills, make the house budget etc etc..may be she’ll complain about her husband’s absence but she’ll not complain about the duties..

so why can’t the husband tolerate if the wife is super busy..?marriage is an institution where you have to share a lot of things and tolerate a lot of things..if the wife can’t do all the chores, and the husband have all the time and energy for that, it is so not wrong if the husband do the chores for the family..i mean, who assign the job scope of “house duties” to wives only..?men are biologically stronger and capable so why not help ease the wives’ burden by helping around..?seriously, when i see the wife do the chores when she has the time, she will do all the works perfectly..she would’ve done all of the works if she could..

it’s such a waste if they end their marriage with a divorce because of things like these..i mean, go get a maid because both of you are financially stable..and the husband could seriously use times like these to learn to be more responsible towards his wife..she needs his support on her works because hospital itself is a very stressful environment and she’s too tired because she has to take care of other people so she could really use some concerns from her husband..trust me, it’s only for the first few years..when she gets efficient in her works, things within the marriage will improve..it’s just a matter of time..

come on people..people like you guys scare people like me to get married.. 😦


of spending my time :)

i was thinking of completing the travelogue series by adding Hungary & Austria into the map but i was so swarmed with the photos..i just could not figure out where to start or even how to start..i’ll trying finding the inspiration for such post soon..but as for now, i just want to share some photos i’ve been taking with my lousy phone’s camera..they’re just the things i’ve been doing during my summer break..and they’re the people i hang out with most of the time.. 🙂 think now i’m ready for another semester of lectures and assignments..and you can tell i was too busy having fun to update my blog..haha..i’ve a few things to share so yep, i’ll find my time to write and share 🙂 until then!

this was taken when we were attending a kenduri at bella's hometown..
acheng and cuda..at the kenduri still..after eating some delicious mutton dish..
at the jonker walk on saturday night..
we were having a sleepover that night and this was taken when we're waiting for a late night movie..we watched the green hornet that night and we had loads of fun! oh, that's cuda and begum..
the naga-s..ashraff and nurul..we were enjoying our dinner at the best nyonya stall in town..
the food! 🙂 that's ais kacang, honey sea coconut ice kacang and baba laksa 🙂 sorry gundam..sorry amir!