since working has been very demanding these days, i’ve been finding ways to sweat out the unnecessary toxins accumulated from the work-related stress..and it’s so much fun when your friends are supportive about it..i guess, more and more people are conscious about their health these days..

so there we go, making full use of the abundant landscape made available at the work place..

The last leg of the hike..what a beautiful rainbow..



of that impossible trip..

i read a quote in facebook last night and it sounded something like:

“if traveling is free, you’ll never see me again”

and that is absolutely what i would do if there is such a reality..i would be taking a 10 day leave in march for some (well, a lot of it) hiking, and look what i have just stumbled upon earlier this morning..



alright, i might not be able to get this now, given the leave taken for the upcoming trip..however, it’s tempting to know, Turkish Airlines regularly gives discounts to travel agents such as the above, around this time of the year, for travels in April/May..?

this is quite a bargain considering it’ll be flying north to the Scandinavia, and there’s also a bargain for the one with shorter transit in Istanbul..

tell me how is this not tempting..?


after that long weekend..

given the Chinese New Year celebration and the public holiday it entails, i got to enjoy the long weekend eventhough i’m not celebrating..speaking of the joy of living in a multi-ethnic country..something i won’t be complaining about..

alright, so it’s public holiday, and of course i would’t be bothered to be looking at the emails..well i had to, on saturday and sunday, as some parts of the east asia continent seemed to be getting into some hiccup, to put it in a very general terms..

other than that, i enjoyed the rest of the long weekends..

and as i entered the office today, something from the mailbox surprised me..mail

what on earth did i do, that i be deserving this..? my alma mater seemed to be missing me that it requested for me to apply for its university hall by mistake..

and adding salt to this, i watched its promotional video..and more videos related to it..how such a small capital was filling me with all of its contents..

dear wellington, i’ll see you, very soon..Godwillingly..



of reviving this space

i haven’t been writing for the longest time now..it seems like most of my time are dedicated to work, and trying to find balance between working and living..it’s overwhelming that now, living is in the means of working..

even the space here has changed dramatically..of course, i was not able to see it changes gradually..

nevermind now, it’s a long weekend, and there are some time for me to spend with the loved ones, while jack finds it comforting to sleep in while listening to the pouring rain..

i’ll be writing more, i hope..

work and the new circle of friends give me a different view towards life..i must have something worth writing from it..Godwillingly..

JOG 280
slowly but surely..especially about the places i’ve been to..of course, more of jack too..he’s now with me throughout all of my wandering..