Of beauty, and being a lady..

There are times when suddenly all your senses are awake and you can’t help but notice the miserable looks your overworked-colleagues are unintentionally expressing. It is not entirely their fault that they have to work hours after hours in an office with an artificial temperature of 16 degree Celcius. But unfortunately, work stress coupled with long hours in air-conditioned confined space, added with high chances of dehydration, my colleagues and myself included are prescribed with the perfect recipe for speeding up the biological clock.

'Rub this anti-wrinkle cream on all your mirrors. It won't remove the wrinkles but it will make them harder to see.'
You see, naturally women would have to go through menstruation and labour and these two alone could really cost us our youth. Not to mention the above daily tear. Seriously then, taking care of your health, specifically your skin, is not an option, but more of an obligation. Other than trying to consume a balanced diet, I learn several things that could help restore the condition of my skin. It’s like, alright, it’s painful seeing your colleagues’ haggard look, you better not make yourself look as bad.

I always have a dry-lips problem. People come to me asking if I’m sick judging from the pale appearance of the lips that is actually resulted from its dry condition. What I now do, I would dab a warm damp washcloth onto my lips, softly and gently remove the flaky bits off (if there are any) and then I’ll finish off by applying a coat of Vitamin E – enriched lip balm.

lip balm
As I said, air-conditioner and myself would not have a very good relationship because it has been the reason to my dry-and-NOT-glowing skin. But trust me, after shower moisturizers work wonders as they help to maximize the absorption of moisture. Also, it is a good practice to keep a handy lotion in your office for reapplication purposes.

Last but not least, puffy eyes. Eye bags. I know. Eyes. But why must everything centred around the eyes? Could it not be any more obvious? If you arrive at home around 11PM, there is no way that you would be able to drop by a grocery shop to buy a cucumber (it’s 11PM, why bother finding a grocery shop to begin with? They’re all closed!), or soak the tea bag just so you could use it for your eyes, or rub honey around your eyes. No, shower and sleep is the priority. And therefore, after shower in the morning, I become good friends with concealer, powder, eyeliner and mascara. Sleep is the only cure, and if you don’t have that kind of luxury, you could always visit our very good friend here for a good choice of best friends. You’re welcome 🙂