my haircut day..

hu~this is so frustrating..i’m the type of person who prefers short or medium hair cut..before i left Malaysia nine months ago, i got myself a really short haircut because i heard that hair maintenance is expensive in overseas..so when i got home, the hair has already grown and i’m ready to get a new haircut..so i browsed the internet to see what hair styles that i might like and fit me..i found bob hairstyles nice and i started to copy paste some pictures, and ready to print it so i can show it to the hairdresser..to my dissapointment, the printer’s ink is empty..huhu..that was the last thing i would want to happen at that time..so i went to the salon thinking that the hairdresser might know how bob hairstyle looks like..i’m expecting something like victoria’s or rihanna’s bob hairstyle..to help the hairdresser, i told him that it should be longer at the side and short with high layers at the back..so he sound like he understood what i want and i felt like he was doing the right thing, doing a lot of layering behind me..but in the end, i realised that my sides weren’t long enough and my back was not layered enough..poor me..argghhhh~!!! i was dissapointed..i think i just got the typical straight kindergarten cut..no long sides and high layered back..i have two and a half month to grow the hair and before i go back to Wellington, i will make sure i got this hair trimmed..and i’ll go to proper salon..what did i expect..a perfect hair cut in a country salon..?haha..