after that long weekend..

given the Chinese New Year celebration and the public holiday it entails, i got to enjoy the long weekend eventhough i’m not celebrating..speaking of the joy of living in a multi-ethnic country..something i won’t be complaining about..

alright, so it’s public holiday, and of course i would’t be bothered to be looking at the emails..well i had to, on saturday and sunday, as some parts of the east asia continent seemed to be getting into some hiccup, to put it in a very general terms..

other than that, i enjoyed the rest of the long weekends..

and as i entered the office today, something from the mailbox surprised me..mail

what on earth did i do, that i be deserving this..? my alma mater seemed to be missing me that it requested for me to apply for its university hall by mistake..

and adding salt to this, i watched its promotional video..and more videos related to it..how such a small capital was filling me with all of its contents..

dear wellington, i’ll see you, very soon..Godwillingly..


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