true..i need that..

it’s been a while since i last had my sleep disrupted that i got awakened in the middle of the night..but lately it’s coming back again..not a good sign, i knew..and it’s not as easy as before this – when i eventually came to term with it – that i didn’t need that much sleep..the whole processes restarted and now i’m struggling in the middle of the night, trying to force myself to sleep and of course i became so annoyed thinking that i’d need to wake up early the next morning to go to work..and yes, i have to stay awake to drive and to teach..

so if it’s when i was a student back in uni, i’d blame the stress from the studies i’ve to do but now it’s quite irrelevant for me to blame the stress from work because no, i’m not really working yet..

em, now that i mentioned it, i think that’s the reason why..i’m not supposed to be working yet but i’ve been doing all the works as if i’m a full time teacher..and it’s even harder because i still have to do my assignments as a student..i’m both a teacher and a student, no wonder it’s twice as hard 😦

and you know what i’m feeling now..i’m sleepy but not sleepy enough to sleep..my head feels a bit heavy and i’m walking with three quarter of the mass balance left..

i’m gonna find therapy for sleep then..zzzzz

boyfriend so gonna eat me if he reads this..

papi! :)

i stumbled into this a wee while ago..

and i couldn’t stop replaying the music video~!!! 😆 seems like there are just so much fun in the video and being j.lo she never fails to add in sexyness in her moves..dear j.lo – what did you do to get such legs and ass..?i want such legs and ass ❗ 😥

anyway, it so happens that i have quite plenty of time to waste so yes, i have the time to analyse the music video..look what i find:

1) there are the new blackberry bold 9900, tous, fiat 500 by gucci (yes you read me, by gucci) and some other names like volvo and bmw being used in this music video – turning this video into an ad – which i think is a smart move, though both bmw and volvo are depicted as old, lame and as good as dead (burned and crashed) valueless..but yeah, it works for the americans 🙂

2) the groove in the mob..really they know how to make it looks real..i think if a malaysian singer is to do a mob like that, i think it will be hard for the supporting roles to appear real with their acting..the stunts work, the expressions work and most importantly the group dance works as well – even they’re using a round, aging and balding uncle 😛

3) i love the language~!!! how can one not fall for the latinos when they speak..?and hey, they make some latino moves too..now i wish i’ve taken up Spanish back in uni..and oh, i couldn’t figure out what language did the african american woman who appears at the beginning of the video speaks..but she does sound beautiful with her language..tell me if you know what language she speaks, ya 🙂

4) a man riding a horse chasing after j.lo..?in LA..?it sure makes the exaggeration works..it skids from the theme but why go for the cliche..?

5) she wears a jumpsuit without looking like a 40 year-old mom trying desperately to look like a cute baby in a romper..i wish my name is j.lo ahhh~!!! T_T

**repeat the music video**
**te quiero papi!**



i miss going to lectures and coming home having plenty of things to write about..listening to amazing stories, looking at things differently and tasting the totally different air – sure prompting me into thinking about a lot of things worth sharing at this little space..yea, i miss that place..i miss all the different inputs that have been making me see things critically..

but anyway, i still enjoy what i have now..the people around me, the things happening to me, the reality that has been slapping me so hard on the face..at least every little thing and every single person are teaching me to be realistic..

so what’s with me now..?*as if i have fans wanting to know my recent updates* :p now i’m wearing braces 😀 i don’t really have serious dental issues but yea, i just don’t want to wait until it gets so serious and un-fix-able..i don’t want to regret not fixing it when i can..and oh..it’s been quite painful and by quite i mean VERY painful and keeps me awakened several times at night as i can feel a pounding sensation on my gums 😦

so now i can’t really chew food as i will bite my inside cheek and i can feel a couple of ulcers are developing inside there..and now i have to actually, temporarily give up on the one thing i usually enjoy the most – eating!!!

and yea, boyfriend was not being supportive at all T_T boyfriend, that doesn’t help at all, ok..no love for me! 😦 :p

and the girls..we haven’t been spending time together for quite a bit now..we talked, a lot, we do..but presence do make a difference..wish you well girls..we’re now talking about real problems and possibilities aren’t we..?we’re growing up, can you believe that..?! take good care girls..and yea, all the best too..if you know what i mean 😀

TE 2011

the T.E i’ve missed..

when was the last time i wrote about my T.E..?i’ve been missing about three days of T.E and i now i’ve to figure out the ways to actually get the days recorded somehow..

it’s frustrating anyway..i should have plenty to write about with this experience but given my situations – not enough resources, un-supportive environment, and some professional and ethical issues here and there, there’s not much that i can actually record – supportive to my learning phase..

and yea, things are getting worse as it’s the exam season now..and we’re about to leave in a month time..i’m behind schedule with the observation records and as for this week, all i can do with the students are just some revision lessons..and attending drilling class with another teacher – monitoring the form three students doing mock test..

this is not good..


of having breakfast at home..

when was the last time i write in BM..?ahh~!!! i desperately need to write in BM again..but no, i’m not writing this post in BM..

anyway, i went to the school’s cafe to have breakfast with my senior this morning..and i could see that most of the teachers had their breakfast in school..i went like “poor them, they don’t have the privilege of having breakfast at home with their family..everyone is rushing to work..how unhealthy and financially unfriendly the practice is..”

i grew up with my grandparents..of course my grandma would have the time to wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me..she’d make some banana fritters, some traditional kuih like kuih abuk abuk if she prepared everything the night before..kuih udang, karipap, nasi goreng, mee goreng etc..at least she would make roti bakar or lempeng with sambal ikan bilis..i’ve never gone to school feeling hungry in the morning..

and when i was in high school, well the dewan makan prepared breakfast for us..so yeah, there’s always breakfast..whether or not i had the time to take it was then the only issue..and in uni, i’d always make sure at least i had some breakfast before going to the class..and while i’m doing my practical here in melaka, my mom always made sure i’d have my breakfast before leaving for school..

my point is, i really think we should have breakfast at home, or have something for meal being prepared from home..it’ll be quite a commitment but if you’re used to it, then it’ll feel awkward if you have to take breakfast outside..i mean, when i was in wellington, i see people bringing their own brunch as a culture..isn’t that more economical and more healthy..?

if i should have a family, i’d try to prepare breakfast for them..if they can’t have it at home they can take it away with them and have the meal at their school/workplace..at least i know they’re eating healthy and we can save a lot from that practice too..and most importantly, it helps create a strong bond among the family members..ada banyak kasih sayang dalam semua tu untuk dibiarkan terbazir..sayangkan kalau tak digunakan..?


any extroverts..?

i found out too that people do care about the extroverts..a friend of mine showed it to me so here’s the reply to my previous post on how to care for the introverts..here’s how you can deal with the extroverts, say, like me 🙂

it’s not posted as an image format so i just copied the whole text here..you can find the post on its original site here..so nope, i don’t own any parts of the content below 🙂

so with extroverts, you need to:

  • Respect their need to share, to ‘talk it out.’ They get their energy from other people.
  • Just as with introverts, never embarrass them in public. If you do embarrass them in public, go along as much as is reasonable if they play it off like a joke.
  • Don’t be surprised if they dive into a new situation headfirst. Don’t freak out either if they flounder a little. They’ll find their way.
  • Extroverts blurt. It’s the nature of the beast. Most try to leaven it with charm, but try to be patient when they don’t.
  • Expect interruptions that may seem rude, to some. Most of the time, they mean well.
  • Build surprise into your lives together. Most extroverts love the thrill of not knowing what’s up – as long as it’s positive.
  • Be prepared for what looks like ADD. The organically outgoing among us feed off the environment around them. They are often the best multi-taskers around, so understand that they are often paying much more attention to you than you think they are.
  • A flashover temper goes with the extroverted personality. The bad thing is it can look like a much more severe storm than it is. The good thing is it’s over quickly.
  • Many extroverts live for the intuitive leap. They reach for it. If teaching an extrovert something new, have patience with them jumping ahead of you.
  • They will always have lots of friends. But most extroverts have a core of best friends, and their loyalty can be fierce and aggressive if they feel the need to defend those friends. As with so many aspects of the extroverted personality, you may have to be patient with this.
  • They love compliments, but can usually see right through insincere flattery. Well-timed encouragement, though, can help an extrovert soar.
  • Sometimes, it’s okay to just go along with the “show.” Consider it free entertainment.
  • Respect their extroversion. Don’t try to pin them to your board or cage them. And do them a favor, if you are not yourself outgoing, extroverted – gently but persistently remind them to read something like the previous post on introverts as often as possible. They probably will need the reminders.

to Sh Anis Hamaiza, i’m replying to you..

babe (please note i’ve never called anyone of my friends with that word except you)..

this is for what you’ve been feeling right now, at this moment..when you’re so messed up trying to finish your lesson plans, preparing the materials and having headache at the same time over things that just happened this morning..

like you said, everything sure happens for a reason..and of course you can’t be happy about this..true too there are just too many things happening beyond your control..but one thing you can be sure about is there’s always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long the tunnel is..no, exam is never fun..dark tunnels are never not annoying..

you can believe that you’ll be getting something better, soon..i’Allah..be strong babe!

TE 2011

T.E day 20..

i had two classes yesterday and i could tell that if your activity’s engaging enough, you’d get the responses you want..the key point is – provide some very good prompts..the topic can be very unfamiliar with the students but with appropriate prompts students will see what you’re trying to make them understand..

and some students might be more participating than the rest of their classmates but do not let the more passive ones remain passive..and do not assume that they’re quiet because they don’t know what the answers are, just they don’t feel safe to participate..so help them participate..get them to explain to you (individually) when you check on them while they’re doing their work, get them in groups so they don’t have the fear of having a big audience..introverts like to have their own space and time and of course we have the privilege of providing them with those necessities..just be sure you check on them..

next up with my students, they’d be doing A LOT of reading activities..all thanks to my newly arrived boxes of books 🙂


can i make you sign this agreement..? :p

my definition of an ideal partner would be one who would want to say –

>> I will kill the spiders.
>> I will share my fries with you when you’ve finished all yours and are still hungry.
>> I won’t ever pop my collar.
>> I will never be rude to your tummy-when I hear it growl and gurgle, I promise to bend down and reply respectfully.
>> I will eat the mushrooms when we order the supreme pizza.
>> I will kiss the papercuts and the door-slammed finger and the counter-bumped hip.
>> I’ll try my hardest not to get annoyed when you whisper questions and comments during movies.
>> I will be the big spoon.
>> I will let you win at wrestling. Sometimes. Other times I will not. I will go faster. Harder. I will pull when you want and tease you when you don’t.
>> I will send you random texts and leave you silly gifts. Not always. Not on schedule. Just whenever I want to. Whenever I think you need one. Or seven.
>> I will check your tire pressure and remind you to take your car in.
>> I will hold your hand.
>> I will love you.
>> I will love you.
>> I will love you.

but i’m more than happy to just have a person who’d love to live and grow old with me..i’d be accepting to not settle for the ideals 🙂