of a commitment..

ok i have a lot to write tonight, so here goes another post for the night πŸ˜€ gee~

i don’t want to be all cheesy and awfully romantic here but hey, at some point in life, you’d feel to be wanting to love and be loved in return..to wanting to commit and be a commitment to a significant someone..and let’s just say, i’m reaching that point at this moment 😳

let me tell you some stories of my friends..there was this one time, when Chi2’s car broke down and his boyfriend had to work his way out, early in the morning, to help send chi2 to work, from Bangi to Puduraya..and with Begum, when his boyfriend’s waiting for his new car, she lent him her car so he could use the car to go to work..and now that his boyfriend has gotten his car, he would send and fetch Begum from work, so they could save up on fuel by using only one car..

well, there are plenty more stories that i can tell here to show you that, hey, things can be made easier with a little involvement of another concern and committed party..actually no, it’s more than just easing up things, it’s more like a fulfilling feeling..knowing that there’s a strong ground for you to fall back on..that even if you can’t find any help, you can find the support you need..

my point is..?well, i’m feeling a bit concern now with my commitment, and since the person whom i’m committing to has been catching up with a bit of sakit orang orang tua, i think i should stick up a diet note to him so at least, he can watch what he’s eating behind my back..and boyfriend, it’s so irony that you’ve been catching up with penyakit orang tua when you can’t even master the art of swallowing pills..oh come on~

this’s a guide for your meal intake..since you’re not exercising now, do eat right for your body..hopefully what you eat can also help you ease up the tense around your muscles πŸ™‚

p/s : i can’t drive you to work like my friends did, or lend you my car or prepare meals for you..but i can help you to help yourself, at least, for now πŸ™‚ i hope it’s helpful..take good care there!


now i’m up with some challenges, at square one..

with my Malaysian teaching experience, i got assigned to a school, quite nearby to my place..however, i do believe that it will be better for me and Shanes to be able to stay over at that school, so we don’t have to drive to school everyday, especially when we will not be given much allowance..

we are given a place to stay, Alhamdulillah..but let’s just say, they’d rather not provide us with any accommodation..there’s a room that we have to share, there’s a bed, with no matress..no fan..nevermind, Shanes and I will work out on that..so we requested for food, at least for dinner/sahur during the ramadhan..but they told us – they expected us to be independent on that..again, we’ll figure out what we can do in this given situation..

here they go, things do not work as how they are planned..with plans, you’re always given a choice, as to what kind of back up plans you want to come out with..whatever my back up plans are, i’m now determined that i have to solve things on my own..i will be having problems financially now that i’m considering to just stay at home so i’ll be driving to school everyday..which means i’ll be spending quite a bit on fuel..and food on my own..i’m not a little girl anymore that i can ask dad for my pocket money..so yea, i need to work on my spending..it will be embarrassing to ask dad for money at this age, wouldn’t it..?how i wish i’m still a little girl πŸ˜₯

hopefully, i can find the exit soon enough

so now i’m praying hard, for at least, my learning process during the teaching experience will be made easy for me..Godwillingly..


of a ruined nature..

all praises to God, that my weekend has been nothing less than splendid..it’s been wonderful, and thank you to those who have been making it special and meaningful πŸ™‚

so my girlfriends and i were planning to celebrate our friend’s birthday and we had been planning to make it as a surprise celebration..however it turned out that Yot and I were so bad at keeping secrets that we did NOT realise we had accidentally blurted out the plan..congratulations to us, the birthday girl was so surprised with the “un-surprise-ness” πŸ˜€Β  and things actually did not work out as what we had planned..some changes made, we had our little sweet treats of ice creams, bought some pizzas and had some chilling moments at the waterfall in sungai gabai..read this, my friend Begum told a good story about our plans..

well, time with the girls was fun and perfect but what really disappoint me was the facilities at the waterfall area..i mean, visitors were charged per person, tho not much, but we expected some maintenance works could have been done..but hey, as visitors yourselves, couldn’t you be more responsible and civilised..?seriously it was not difficult to pack back all the stuff you brought with you when you came..whatever you brought if they were heavy before that should’ve been lighter by the time you were done..and please, even if it’s an open space area, could you please be more respectful toward the nature by not smoking as you please..?

the smell of leaves after rain was replaced by the smell of smoke..there was no fresh smell of the water, soil and woods..the smell of the smoke was too strong even nature could have been suffocated..and pee – yes the smell of pee was everywhere too..behind the tree, along the trail..come on, so the toilet stinks so you chose to pee at such places..?how clever..

i feel like covering all the attractions in Malaysia with a gigantic cloak..casting some spell on them so they can recuperate..and when everything has recovered, i’m not allowing any uncivilised creature to even think of entering..


of that inspirational articles..

there were three stories of some driven women i read from one of the magazines i bought for the purpose of getting me to at least read something when i wasn’t doing anything much..anyway, their stories had successfully struck me in the head and gotten me into thinking..on “hey, do you not want to try that..?”

one of the women from the article now runs a hotel, when she was initially a banker..another woman turned her cafe into a restaurant and hotel..and another person was in IT now running a skin care business..

they changed what they were doing because they believed in their passion..woman A loved traveling so she built a well equipped hotel that could cater to all the needs of the customers, by asking herself what would she want to have if she is the customer..woman B loved fine dining and it was near impossible for her to find a quality European food in her hometown..she was upset with such limitations that she decided to make a restaurant for that..so she made it even though she had to start small..as for woman C, she was so upset when she developed eczema during her younger age only to find out there were few skin care products available for her and they were all way too expensive..thus, she set up a one-stop shop in Malaysia where people could have access to a variety of products at different prices..

we do have a lot of things we complain about don’t we..?and with travel experiences you tend to compare the things you can easily get for cheap, overseas with their availability and prices at your own country..ok i’ll give you a couple of examples..

i was looking for a fossil strap around town and since there’s no fossil shop in my town, i couldn’t get a replacement for that strap..comparatively, if i were in Brisbane right now, i could buy a new fossil strap at a very reasonable price without having to enter every watch shop just to ask if they have any fossil strap..

and yeah, little that i know, that the Malaysian telco company will not suggest to you to opt for an electronic bill instead of the normal posted-bill..you have to inquire for that option instead of being told about that option..comparatively, the banks or telco companies i dealt with back in New Zealand would suggest such options to you so they could minimise their work and help you save in return..

back to the main stories of the three women i read from the magazine..what makes them different from me is, they have the drive to convert what they couldn’t get into something they could get..and luckily enough, by helping others to have access to what is now available, they are able to make profit from the things that have been upsetting them before..

sounds inspirational aren’t they..?indeed they are..the thing with this kind of stories are, we tend to question ourselves on the risks – are they worth taking..?we’re so afraid of failing aren’t we..?well, there will be no easy path to success, no one says it’s gonna be easy..all these three women started small and experienced a lot of problems when they started..but with determination and research, they managed to make their businesses successful..

so here i am, writing this as a reminder to myself..if one day i genuinely find one thing that i really want to change, i’ll do whatever it takes to turn it into a successful reality..Godwillingly


of choosing an accent..

try to say these:

1) kenduri

2) pencuri

3) memberi

4) berdiri

5) bergerak

well, listen to your production of r(s)..you do roll your r(s) don’t you..?hence it is highly likely for malays to roll their r(s) when they speak in English..and if you still haven’t noticed, we are very much influenced by media from the states, rather than from the UK so that explains the tendency for Malaysians in general to sound more like the Americans..

eh, what’s my point again..?haha..oh..i was queuing for my burger at McDonalds and i just couldn’t help but to eavesdrop at the conversations made by the people queuing in front of me..a couple of girls were talking to each other and to my hearing they sounded so American..and just behind them were two cheeky-but-a-bit-rude guys..upon listening to the girls, the guys mocked on the girls’ accent among themselves, and the girls remained un-noticing..

i mean, guys..can i hear how you speak English..?well even if you’re not fluent in that language and you claim to have a malay accent to that language, i bet you’ll say some words like “car” “bar” “war” with a rolled “r”..and American accent doesn’t stop at the production of “r”..

well, i can say that we’re a bit confused as to which accent we would like to incorporate in our production of English..most of our vowel productions doesn’t sound like American English..like the word “plant” as we tend to pronounce it as /plΙ‘nt/ instead of /plΓ¦nt/..or the word “past”..we say /pΙ‘st/ instead of /pΓ¦st/, yes..?

now i think i’m making you more confuse..here’s the thing..let’s just let people use whatever accent they want to use and let’s not be so childish acting like a smarty pants mocking at their accent..we’re not native anyway so we have the privilege of choosing whichever accent we’d like use..some people adapt the American accent because their first language influences how they pronounce a particular letter hence a particular English word..can you automatically reduce your roll of “r”..?quite hard, no..?

i’m not saying which accent is more pleasant than which or which accent is more “English”..i’m just saying that it’s not wrong to adapt any of the accents..as long as they are syntactically right, phonetically sounds like English and morphologically looks like English, then it is intelligibly English..have i made myself understood..? πŸ™‚ thank you for reading..


of the kenduri i had..

the people at my place just love putting up a kenduri..the most famous ‘types’ of kenduri being kenduri doa selamat and kenduri tahlil..and they put up kenduri doa selamat for whatever reasons possible..it could be to celebrate the birthday of one of the oldest family member in the house, or getting promoted at work, or to celebrate a newborn and yes, they put up kenduri to celebrate the coming ramadhan..

so yes, since most of the people were doing the kenduri, mom and grandma decided to put up one, too..and since all the coming weekends until the nearest to ramadhan were booked, they decided to put up the kenduri on Wednesday night after kuliyyah..so whoever came to the kuliyyah would then come to my place for some doa selamat and feast..

and did you know when mom and grandma decided to put up the kenduri..?on Sunday night people..of course not even one catering service company would accept such job in that “split-second” kind of notice..so what happened was, we cooked the dishes on our own..well preparing wasn’t really the ‘biggest’ deal (tho i was all furious doing everything on my own – of course everyone else’s working or attending school..it’s wednesday, what did i expect..?) and at that moment i so wished i should have had more siblings..not just me and my little brother – who happened to not be able to attend the kenduri at all..the biggest deal was to clean up..

well, God actually granted my wish..Begum, Yot and Ashraff came for the kenduri and they helped me with ALL of the cleaning processes..not that the mak cik(s) and kakak(s) were not helping but i’d rather do this kind of thing on my own..i’m a neat freak and i needed to make sure everything was cleaned properly..at least the way i wanted them to be cleaned..

again, thanks a lot guys! things were made easy with your presence and help..you don’t have to be blood related to me to do all those, and i owed you guys for that..and you know, since i got home, you guys had never failed to show me that what we have is more than just friendship..well, i need to write a different post for that but yeah, for this kenduri, i thank you πŸ™‚