mount hutt..?

i don’t know who organise it, but what i know, some of my friends and i needed to perform some traditional Malaysian dances..we practiced for about a month, and performed on the 16 Aug..actually the event was known as Asian Night Market where south east asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc set up some stalls, selling some mouth watering delicacies from their country, as well as selling something unique from their country..for example, they sell batik, some hand crafted embellishments etc..when i was about to enter the hall, i saw a long queue even from outside the hall’s area..well, it should be a good sign..people paid attention to what people of different skin colour, spoke different languages, practiced different lifestyle and people who have different cultural beliefs were doing in their country..

as for Malaysian, i saw WMSO’s, UMNO’s, the HICOM’s and 1 privately owned stalls were set up that night..there were ayam masak merah, masak lemak, some delicious dessert and batik exhibition..above all, i was attracted to soy milk anyway..haha..really miss it..it was sold by UMNO..$3 per bottle..that was a good bargain..

as for the performance..they were very colourful and spectacular..every country performed their cultural performances..there was gamelan by Indonesia i guess..Chaipong dance from Thailand, chinese opera dance from Singapore (only to name e few because i didn’t get to see all as i was busy preparing to perform as well)..and from Malaysia, by the help of Abg. Rudy and some seniors as well as cooperation from all performers, we managed to perform inang renek, jatun julut, zapin rajuk, chinese dance, hindi dance and arus..it worth all the hard works and commitment..=) congratulations all..

well, that was the beginning of my semester break..that next monday, my friends and i flew off to Cristchurch..it was a long planned vacation..the main purpose was to ski~~!!!we went there, and stayed over in our friends’ house..upon our arrival there, we could feel the coldness of the temperature which differed from the temperature in Wellington by may be 5 degrees..it was cold eventhough there was no big difference..but i could feel the difference..we arrived at 830 that evening..one of my friends picked us up from the airport..that night we settled down, get some rest and get ready to begin our vacation on the next day..i had dinner with peah that night..she cooked chicken curry for me..

so that morning, we begin the journey on our own..amazed by the stories from our friends that there were more shopping complexes in cristchurch, we set up the journey to visit as many shopping complexes as we could..haha..we rode the free shuttle around town..so we got to see the beautiful view of the city..well, if people say cristchurch was a country area, they were kinda wrong..it was a well-planned urban city..they have more groceries market than wellington have..well, may be groceries market weren’t good indicator..haha..but i really love that place..i found some potential shops to buy some souvenirs for friends and family back at home..we had our dnner at this halal restaurant..indian food anyway..but i had some udon mee..=)we bought some groceries too so that we don’t have to burden our friends..

the next day (wednesday), it should be the day we go skiing but due to some transportation problem, we postponed the ski to the next day (thursday)..we went shopping again that wednesday but with a company from Nat..she skipped class that day..it was easier with her help..she knew well the way to the places we wanted to go..we went to dressmart, ricarrton mall..went to the city..and ate dinner at Nandos..it was a long day for us..something interesting that i found, their bubble tea was without frapped ice..haha..just water..but the sale was crazy..things were very cheap..my housemate bought a blouse for less than $4..what a bargain..

the day for us to ski finally came..we woke up so early that morning because the shuttle that will be fetching us up was scheduled to arrive at 715 in the morning..imagine people, waking up @ 6 am in winter morning..God bless us..haha..well, something unexpected happened..there were another four malaysians in that van with us~!! owh come on..the world can be so small sometimes..they were not students anyway..they were all travellers..all of them were chinese..we couldn’t figure it out that they were Malaysian Chinese at the first place..when the driver asked where about do we come from and suddenly one of them shouted they were from Malaysia and we burst out in laugh..haha..got us~!!they can identify us as Malaysian easily because we were all wearing hijab..that was so unfair..chinese are every where in this world..how can we tell they are Malaysian..?haha..

so we went on 3 hour journey..it was a long journey..but the scenery was fantastic..Praise to Allah..He made such a wonderful creation..Tim the driver lent us his jacket, goggle,glove and all the stuff we need to ski..we had an instructor to teach us to ski and we spent the day skiing under her surveilance and guidance..during the break, we prayed at the corner of the gear renting locker..there’s nothing to be embarassed..i’m proud to be a muslim..we snapped some good pictures, spent some good times on that flat skiing place..admiring the surfers skiing from on top of the mountains..we were terrified to ski even on the flat surface..wonder what will happen if we ski from the high hills..no i wont..haha..

the next day was the last day in Cristchurch..we went to the antartic centre..tk some good pictures again..having some good time shopping for souvenirs in the airport..and arriving in wellington..not to mention how i went out immediately after arriving in Wellington..em..that’s all for now..i’ll be talking about Malaysian Night, Merdeka Night and Fasting Month after this..har~and end of school holidays..i need more holidays please..